Datalogger, alarm module, webserver with built-in I/O

Z-LOGGER-SEAL is an alarm control module integrated with a data logger, a web server and backup batteries. It supports Modbus TCP-IP over Ethernet 10/100 and Modbus RTU over RS485. Z-LOGGER manages csv log files, process alarms, analog thresholds, counters, digital inputs. The module is provided by Nr 2 analog inputs current (0-20 mA) and voltage (0-30V), Nr 4 configurable digital inputs NPN-PNP, Nr 4 32 bits max 10 Hz counters and totalizers, Nr 2 relay outputs NO / NC max 2 A.
DESCRIPTION: Datalogger, alarm module, webserver with built-in I/O
POWER SUPPLY: 11..40 Vdc; 19..28 Vac (clamp / bus)
MEMORY: 2 MB flash - 128 kB RAM
COMMUNICATION PORTS: 2 x RS485; 1 x mini USB 2.0 B type; N1 x RJ45 Fast Ethernet 10/100 Mbps
I/O CHANNELS: Nr 2 analog input mA/V; Nr 4 digital input NPN-PNP, Nr 4 totalizers/counters @ 32 bit max 30 Hz; Nr 2 relay output NC/NO max 2 A
LOG: Csv file on microDC/micro SD HC card max 32 GB or via ftp
SETTINGS: Software SEAL / EASY LOG VIEWER, Web server, Dip-switch
DIMENSION WXHXD: 35x100x112 mm
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